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List of current monsters

See Monster for detail on the different types of bosses and monsters, Summon Monster for level ranges of summonable monsters, or Monster Class for class progress info.

The monster list shows a link to each monster you have been fighting, providing easy access to collect rewards from defeated monsters, and deal more damage to those still alive.
The link to a monster will still be on the list after a monster fight has been won or lost. The link dissapears whenever you try to follow a link where the monster fight has been over for a while.

The UI for this feature has not changed significantly except for the tabs at the top of the area. Prior to the mid-June change, the following tabs sat above the monster list area and under the main tabs: Stats, Elite Guard, Achievements, Alchemy, and Monster.

As of mid-June, the upper tabs changed to: Monster List (default), Summon Monster (same as the blue Summon button), and Monster Class (for the newer monsters like Bahamut, Alpha Bahamut, and Azriel).

Summon Monsters[]

Summon Monster banner    Summon List button


  • Starting around July 20, 2010, there was a problem reported where when trying to Engage a monster you will be presented with a screen that the monster does not exist. This effectively prevents you from fighting the monster. According to the developers, monster battle progress still remains, but they are looking into the problem.[1]
    • This problem also appeared to affect Raids.
    • The problem was fixed around 9:45 PM Pacific Time.
    • This problem still persist and an E-mail has been sent to the developers. (11/03/11)