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New Conquest Path Shop[]

Earn rewards for conquest activity with Conquest Paths! Check it out in the Emporium under the "Town" tab and also read the following post for more details: image on phoenix age facebook page

Conquest paths news

From the linked post[]

Within Conquest (and Conquest Duels) your activity is calculated into a report. Activities range from PvP, conquest monster hunting, fortification actions so on and so forth (most activities you can do within Conquest features). Certain actions confer a set amount of "Action Points" that are tied to one of four pathways: Conqueror, Hunter, Guardian and Engineer.

Once a day, you may "Report Collect" inside the Conquest Path Shop (found in the Emporium under Town). You will simultaneously collect from all four "Paths".

Should you have enough action points in a path upon collect, you will earn a medal for that path. Medals range from bronze, silver, gold and an extra platinum star for overachieving past gold medal.

Each medal confers a certain amount of "Conquest Lifetime Points" required to unlock path specific merchandise in the Emporium Conquest Path Shop.

For more information visit the Conquest Path Shop in the Emporium under the Town tab.

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