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Chest Update[]

The first three chests have been reorganised!

The Alpha, Vanguard, and Onslaught chests now contain only generals and Item Archive items. Everything else has been removed.

Alpha chest now contains 12 generals (4 Epic, 4 Rare, 4 Uncommon) and 10 units/items (2 Uncommon, 8 Common).

Vanguard chest now contains 11 generals (4 Epic, 4 Rare, 3 Uncommon) and 11 units/items (3 Uncommon, 8 Common).

Onslaught chest now contains 13 generals (4 Epic, 4 Rare, 5 Uncommon) and 9 units/items (1 Uncommon, 8 Common).

No changes to the other chests at this time.

Castle Age Game Tips post about the changes

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