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General Level Cap Raised! New Power Crystals & Potions![]

- The new General Level cap has been raised to 50. Your heroes can now grow even stronger to battle the forces of evil! General powers may not scale accordingly as this will be an ongoing process.

- New Power Crystals. 3 Types, each corresponding to the new General types: Aggressive (Red), Defensive (Green), and Balanced (Blue). These crystals will be able to raise the max potential level for your generals.

-New crystal potions can be earned and used to level your Generals up. More details on their release coming soon.

-New Power Crystals can be obtained through daily rewards by participating in Land of Earth, Monster battles, and Excavations.

-Daily reward schedule:

Monday: Red Crystals dropped from monsters.
Tuesday: Triple guild coins dropped from guild battles. Blue crystal chance from land of earth
Wednesday: Double lumber, Blue crystals from Land of Earth.
Thursday: Double Iron, Blue crystals from Land of Earth.
Friday: Double demi points, extra chance of hero crystals based on guild rank, Green crystals dropped from excavations and monsters
Saturday: The same as Friday rewards.
Sunday: Chance of Red crystals dropping from monsters.

Enjoy and best of luck on the battlefield!