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6/27/13 CA News Update[]

New quest land/monster (Undead Realm II and Aspect of Death)

-For Facebook and Web3 this quest land will appear at the end normally. For iOS users this land will be in the Special Quests tab.

Stats Bar update: (will receive ongoing fixes and updates)

-New and updated graphics.
-XP bar cycles between available XP and XP required to level.
-New stats icons are clickable to refill/bank/heal (from any page).
-New UI under stats bar allows you to collect from your daily collect items [Item Archive/Demi Pray/Wood Iron/Hero Crystal].
-New UI under stats bar can be cycled to view rune stats and resist stats, and other implementations.

Guild Formation update:

-Officers can now drag and drop guild members when changing a guild battle formation.
-Officers can also pin players in place when making changes (so they avoid clicking them or pushing them when making changes).

Alchemy Page:

-Potion sorts added to the list (now able to find powder alchemies easier).

Monster List Page:

-Consolidated monster page with tabs for conquest/normal/festival styled monsters (and populating conquest/fest monsters on your monster list).

Guild Battle:

-Numbered lists for easier target calling.