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Dungeon Promo Release[]

Castle Age Dungeon promo is released for a limited time ending on September 25th noon PDT.

A few items may start out locked while we fine tune the current promotion. This is a tangent release for all platforms.

Use energy to enter a dungeon level. Fight minions, acquire loot and defeat the dungeon boss.

At the end of each dungeon is a report card or summary (currently locked) that will eventually award additional skill points (one time reward!) based on how well you performed.

You can acquire more skill points by completing the dungeon level multiple times. A one time skill point award will be granted upon completion.

Future prospects for the feature:

  • Multiple pathways.
  • Directional movement.
  • Social integration points.
  • Co-op play.
  • PvP features.
  • Locality within the dungeon.

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