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UPDATE: Overkill has been put on hold and Rune XP reverted. More details on the forum.

Overkill and Runes Adjustments[]

- Overkill damage will drop significantly for Conquest.

- It will now require 5X as much experience to reach each rune level. Additionally, this has cause everyone's runes to de-level to meet the new Rune XP balancing. The reason being is that there was a bug causing EVERYONE to earn 5X the amount of regular experience. We understand this will upset many of you, however, know that this affects everyone in the game equally.

- It will now require 5 times as much storage to reach a particular Rune Storage Level. This is in effort to increase storage supply to trade with. Many players have been noting that tanks have been filling fast and they have no one to trade with. That should be remedied now.

- We now allow guilds to build 5 times as much Rune Storage per investment.

- Stunned player no longer trigger Overkill.

- Overkill damage is now blocked from affecting rune health.

- Attackers and defenders now both receive an overkill bonus upon victory.

--Note: 5x multipliers have since been changed to 4 times

As always, let's do our best to keep this civil and constructive. Thanks!

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