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Arena 5 Results![]

November 9, 2011 by Vulcan

Arena Season 5 is OVER!

Here are the results:

Rank 2 - Swordsman - 7,065 Arena Points
Rank 3 - Warrior - 28,080 Arena Points
Rank 4 - Gladiator - 81,842 Arena Points
Rank 5 - Hero - 292,199 Arena Points
Rank 6 - Vanguard - 465,288 Arena Points
Rank 7 - Alpha Vanguard - 557,420 Arena Points

If you haven't done so already, collect your reward from the Arena page.

Random Information[]

Gabrielle Data Revealed

  • Deals 20 additional damage in guild battles at level 4. Although the text say battles, that amount suggests that it's for guild battles and not normal battles.
    • Gabrielle gains 10 additional damage on top of her own if Deianira is owned. So there is a difference between a hard grind general and a minimal grind one, Gab outdamages Dei if you have both girls.
  • Gabrielle gains +2 defense if Angelic Aegis is owned. The Alpha Vanguard prize boosts Gabrielle's stats to 22/20 at level 4.

No-FP Alpha Vanguard?

  • From the numbers, it would seem that legally reaching Alpha Vanguard without refills is possible if one can make about 5162 points per battle and participates 5 battles per day.
    • However, due to several mishaps such as decreased battles per day and a few battles being bracketed for below level 450 players, it would require someone with very high dedication (to participate in every battle) and very high luck (to be on a winning team more often than not as well as "evade" bugs/glitches) to accomplish this feat that it's so rare, it's virtually impossible.
    • This feat is also not possible for very high levels, the ones who mostly get 160 per hit.

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