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Updates for Conquest Duels, Land of Earth, and more!

Don't forget to read this week's change log. Updates for Conquest Duels, Land of Earth, and more! Located here.

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New Content for Castle Age!

Conquest Duels

  • Three new Tiers added to climb with three new rewards
  • Bloodlust now added (see below for more information): Players will earn bloodlust for successful (offensive!) victories in Conquest Duels
  • The higher your bloodlust, the more trade XP bonus you will receive (IE higher XP granted per trade) in the Trade Market
  • Bloodlust will decay over time. It will decay faster the higher your bar is

Land of Earth

  • Now you will view other battles as spectator if your guild did not or is not actively participating in a war
  • Higher XP/Essence for attacking higher ranked guilds and lower XP/Essence for attacking lower ranked guilds - (still forthcoming but planned)


  • Guild Rank renamed to Guild Level
  • Conquest Rank renamed to Conquest Level
  • Conquest Rank now refers solely to your conquest "battle rank" in the tiers
  • Conquest Bloodlust max capacity is based on current conquest duel rank

Important Information on Bloodlust!

  • The Bloodlust Bar confers a bonus when trading Rune Essence in the Trade Market. You will get a (greater) percentage bonus to your trades for every 20 points filled on your bar.
  • The length of your Bloodlust bar is based on your Conquest Duel Rank and expands as you rank up.
  • Conquest Duel victories earn you Bloodlust points that fill your bar equal to the Conquest Duel Rank of your defeated opponent.
  • Bloodlust points decrease over time according to the displayed decay rate. As your bar fills, the decay rate increases and is based on your current Bloodlust point count.

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