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Demi Quests Updated November 16, 2009 by Vulcan

The Demi Quest section has been updated so that it is much easier to navigate now. The XP awarded has been improved and there are now subquests available for each Demi Quest.

Additionally, for Bosses and Monsters, a new Loot Tab has been added to show available Rare and Epic loot drops.

Random Information

  • If you did not complete 4 out of 5 quests in an area, you used to be able to see the special mission for that area, but it was darkened so that you could tell that you did not unlock it yet.  Now you can't see it at all until you get 100% influence in 4 out of 5 quests in that area.
  • You can now get blessings from the Demi-Quest page, if you are looking at the Demi-Quests from the Demi-Power you want the blessing from.
  • The Generals that say something about the things you can do in your town have changed. I don't remember what they used to be, but Lucius talks to you about soldiers (instead of Artanis), Illusia talks about magic (instead of Elena), and Elizabeth Lione talks to you about land (instead of Greenleaf). Vulcan still tells you about equipment under the blacksmith tab.  Below their short speech is a link to the quests page.