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Sylvanas Boss Fight[]

November 18, 2009 by Vulcan

The evil Sylvanas has appeared in the Land of Mist. Perform the boss quest and obtain her Summoning Orb to summon her from the Alchemy page.

Recruit some of your friends to take her down!

Random information[]

  • Picture change for Sylvanas
  • Sylvanas has a name change from Sylvanus.
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Trident of the Deep
  • New gift items to give: Spartan Warrior, and Mystery of the Deep
  • While fighting humans, the game now hides what generals, soldiers, equipment, and magic that you and your opponents use by default. To see what everyone used, click "See More".  If you don't, it will just show the outcome of the battle.
  • Dragon XP changed while using power attacks. You used to be able to get 6-36 XP (without a friend doubling your XP), is now only 4-32
  • Oracle Page added new pictures.
    • There's a tiny energy symbol next to the first option, which is energy refill option
    • There's a tiny stamina symbol next to the second option, which is offer to refill your energy, stamina, or health. Currently, you can refill your energy with either the first or second option.
    • There's a tiny Malekus symbol (two red crossed swords) next to the third option (add 3 extra army members)
    • There's a tiny gold symbol next to the offer to get more gold
    • New large "30 Favor Points" graphic above the option to buy favor points with money