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Warrior Priestess, Sanna![]

November 23, 2010 by Vulcan

New hero released for levels 170 and up! The warrior priestess, Sanna!

Sanna Staff of the Martyr Saintly Robes Crusaders Cross

Other Updates[]

New Guild Monster: Army of the Apocalypse

  • Fight the lovely CA girls Sylvana, Keira, Lotus and Azriel again but this time in a Guild Battle!

New Alchemy Recipes that boost up guild battle class abilities

  • Signet of Keira - Powers up Warrior class (Must have Keira as active general)
  • Signet of Lotus - Powers up Rogue class (Must have Lotus Ravenmoore as active general)
  • Signet of Sylvana - Powers up Mage class (Must have Sylvana as active general)
  • Signet of Azriel - Powers up Cleric class (Must have Azriel as active general)

Additional Item Bonuses for Sylvana and Keira!

  • Enchanted Lantern - +3 max stamina when Sylvana is equipped
  • Demon Strength - +2 attack to Keira

New Guild Shop Goodies!

  • Whirlwind (Warrior Class Exclusive) - attack more than one enemy at a time?
  • Evade (Rogue Class Exclusive) - chance to evade attacks and take 0 damage?
  • Polymorph (Mage Class Exclusive) - ???
  • Heal (Cleric Class Exclusive) - Able to heal an ally regardless for Tower at the cost of stamina

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