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Test of Might! Achievements![]

November 25, 2009 by Vulcan

We have released a way to measure your might! The Achievements Page is located within your Keep. We will continue to add different achievements in the coming weeks so check back often.

  • Note: For Quest Achievements, you will need to complete any quest up to 100% and you will be rewarded for any achievements you have met the requirements for.

As for Battle Achievements, every one has started anew so everyone will have a chance to gain the new achievements.

Random Information[]

  • New Background behind the "Elite Guard" tab
  • The "Demi-Quest" tab now has a picture of the Corvintheus Demi-Point symbol in the background (the shield)
  • Initially, Only Quest Achievements and Battle Achievements were available
  • The Castle Age Banner now changes when you navigate through the tabs.
  • The Alchemy page changed a bit. It now is separated into two sections: Recipes and Summons. The Recipes page make items, the Summons page lets you summon monsters
  • The Alchemy Ingredient pictures on the Alchemy page are slightly smaller now.
  • Still no use for Star Metal or Star Crystals
  • Skill Points are now called "Upgrade Points"
  • You can now send 40 gifts a day instead of just 24
  • Gift Spartans are no longer available.
  • New Gift: Mystery Treasure
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Poseidon Horn
    • Rumor: Eventually use this and the Trident to make a new monster, or a new General
  • New battle message when trying to attack someone who can't be attacked:
    • Patience Warrior. You cannot initiate battle again so soon. Your opponent is dead or too weak to battle