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New Conquest Update[]

A number of new changes are coming to Conquest. Read about them in the latest Change Log! here

From the Forums Post[]


  • Divide guilds available to attack by Guild Level (within a range). This will take effect for both Mist and Earth
  • Conquest Fire Lands will become Lands of Mist.
  • Sacked lands will become unsacked. Lands will move over to LoM and become LoM lands. The expiration timer will begin the day the push is made. Battles will be locked for LoF about 2 days before the push, so we don't transfer any lands in battle state. Fortifications and defenders remain. Lumber and Iron could be bumped up during the transition.
  • Why are we doing this?: Feature is too big, un-streamlined, and unwieldy. This is being done to make iOS Conquest easier to manage, as well as content for Facebook Conquest.
  • Allow 15 NPC defenders per battle.
  • Can generate 5 total lands (vs previously 4 in Fire and 2 in Mist).
  • Increase land expire time from 12 to 14 days.
  • Decrease cost per fortification action from 100 to 25 energy.
  • Raise Mist Land Battle Health Multiplier from 45 to 50.
  • Mist Lands that get viewed in battle state and don't have at least 15 Total Defenders (Players+NPC Defenders) will auto-lose when viewed. (no reward for anyone)
  • New Cassandra Orb (hero crystal) Chances. 3: 40% 4: 45% 5: 50% 6: 55% 7: 60% 8: 70% 9: 80% 10: 95%

These features will be added later this week.

See Also[]

Ongoing forum thread for discussion of the changes (with some more information from the developers) here