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Hero Leveling and Abilities![]

December 2, 2009 by Vulcan

We have introduced new hero leveling and abilities! Equip your favorite hero and participate in quests, battles, and monster battles to increase your hero's strength and abilities. As each hero levels up, that hero's stats will increase and the magnitude of the hero's power will increase. A hero's improved stats will be carried over into duels, invasions, and monster battles. (Max Hero Level is Level 4)

Each hero has a different ability so check out each of the hero abilities from the General Page .

Note: that a Hero's power is only active while you have the Hero selected as your General. Once unequipped, any change in skill points, etc. will be reverted to your base stats.

Random Information[]

  • All heroes begin at level 1. They will not retroactively level if you used a general enough for them to have leveled.
  • Monster Achievements and Other Achievements still not implemented
  • No use for Star Metal, Star Crystals, the Trident, or Poseidons Horn yet
  • The progress bar for a hero leveling up is most unhelpful. It does not tell you what % they have towards leveling up, nor does it tell you how much doing a quest, battling, or monster fighting adds to its %
  • Switching generals does not cause them to lose their levels or XP towards their next level
  • You can now send 60 people invites/gifts a day

Notable General Abilities[]


Initially decreases soldier cost by 1%


Initially decreases soldier cost by 2%


Initially decreases soldier cost by 3%


Initially decreases bank fee by 10%

(Note: the bank fee is 10%. It does not decrease the bank fee to nothing. If you tried to stash 1000 gold, normally, you would only stash 900 gold, and the bank would take 100 gold. With Aeris equipped as your active general, you would bank 910 gold, and the bank would only take 90 gold. This bonus gets more powerful by leveling her up: at level 4 the bank fee is waived completely)


Initially adds 1% to your hourly income from land. 

(Note: it adds the 1% to your gross income.  AKA Income before you subtract soldier, equipment, and general upkeep)


Initially adds 2% to your hourly income from land.

(Note: it adds the 2% to your gross income. AKA Income before you subtract soldier, equipment, and general upkeep)


Initially adds 2% to sub-quest influence bonus


Initially adds 1% chance for chance drops to drop from quests


Initially adds 2% chance to get bonus demi-points from battles and monster battles


Increase Army limit to 511