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Monster Achievements![]

December 3, 2009 by Vulcan

We have now included Monster Achievements and Other Achievements. View them from the Achievements Page !

Note: Monster Kills are counted if you have performed the minimum amount of damage required as noted on the Achievements Page. The count will be increased after you Collect Loot from the Monster. Also the killing blow to the monster is NOT required.

We have also have some additional information to the Achievements Page that will allow you to view how many duels, invasions, and monsters you have successfully completed.

Random Information[]

  • Still no use for Star Metal, Star Crystals, the Trident of the Deep, or Poseidon's Horn
  • New artwork for Malekus, Aeris, Mercedes, Edea, Savannah, Percival, Tifanna, Percival and Ophelia.
  • The New Achievements are NOT retroactive.
  • Changed Keira's Monster Damage formula.  The minimum damage you can do to Keira has been increased, and the random damage factor has been reduced