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Sea Serpents! Atlantis!

December 10, 2009 by Vulcan

Sea Serpents are attacking! This time you are taking your battle to the seas. Rally up your army and board your warship to attack the sea serpent. Watch out though as you must repair your ship throughout the fight. The sea serpent will try and stop your attacks by damaging the ship.

To summon a Sea Serpent, go to your Alchemy Page!

A new land has been opened up for your exploration! The underwater ruins of Atlantis await you. However, you must first find your way there. Gather map pieces from each of the Sea Serpents and put together the map. Once you obtain the Atlantean map, the world of Atlantis and a new hero awaits you.

Facebook Issues

December 10, 2009 by Vulcan

Hi Everyone,

Currently, Facebook is experiencing some latency problems that are causing some speed issues and intermittent white screens in our game.

We hope that these issues will be resolved soon, but until then, thank you for everyone's patience and support.

Here is a link to Facebook's status update on this issue. Facebook Platform Live Status

Random Information

  • New bookmarking ads and "Thank You"s (depending on whether or not you have bookmarked Castle Age though Facebook)
  • Still no use for Star Metal or Star Crystals
  • New Alchemy Tab: Quests!
  • New Alchemy Recipe:Create Atlantean Forcefield
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Create 300 Spartan Phalanx
  • New Monster: Sea Serpents
    • Like Dragons, there are 4 different color Sea Serpents
    • Unlike Dragons, you can control which color Sea Serpent you summon
  • There is now a use for the Trident and Poseidon's Horn (To make Sea Serpents)
  • New Alchemy Quest: Create Atlantean Map (Unlocks the first Atlantis section of quests) (Could Star Metal and Star Crystals have a use here?)
  • Currently no Achievement for slaying Sea Serpents
  • Mystery Artifacts no longer available as gifts. Looks like you'll have to get your Dragonbanes from fighting Monsters
    • Additionally, the alchemy for "Summon Epic Dragon Quest" no longer requires Dragonbane
  • New Gift: Serpent Egg (Used to summon Sea Serpents)
  • New Quest Tab: Atlantis
  • New General: Nautica
  • Skull Keys are no longer chance items, or consumable quest items.
    • There was much rejoicing on the official forums