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Conquest Chest![]

December 13, 2011 by Vulcan

New Conquest chest now available!

Conquest Chest Ad

Random Information[]

New Che$t, New Stuff![]

  • Ready to gamble your hard-earned FPs for some Guild Conquest related and not-so-related goodies? Try out the newest chest set: Conquest!
  • You must be at least level 300 to access this chest.

New Generals![]

  • New statistically superior divine generals and some not-too-shabby non-epics!
    • Amon: 32/35, 45 Divine Power. Stun your opponent in guild battle and lower the defenses of the adjacent enemies!
    • Isidra: 35/31, 45 Divine Power. Reduce your attacking opponents' Whirlwind damage if they attack you with it!
    • Aegea: 34/33, 45 Divine Power. In Conquest battles, when you are defending and you win, the "Actions Left" counter has a chance to decrement by an extra count!
    • Axxon: 38/30, 45 Divine Power. In Conquest battles, when you attack and you win, the "Actions Left" counter has a chance to not decrement at all!
    • Reinhardt: 28/22. Stronger version of Celesta: +9 pDefense and +18 more when attacked in PvP.
    • Charlotte: 22/24. Lotus v2: +4% critical hit chance vs. monsters.
    • Feral: 18/22. Buffed version of Therian: +28 pAttack vs. monsters.
  • Note that the Conquest Epics' divine power is currently not working.

New Equipment![]

  • All consolation equipment are item bonuses to the 7 generals in this chest. All are so-so except for a few who have stats that are top 10 material:

New Guild Ability Alchemies![]

  • The chest also contains 0/0 stat magic items which can be used in alchemy to create specific level 5 guild abilities.

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