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Straight From Castle Age[]

The End of a very well fought dark legion

Still the only type of battle with the Boss from the game's start appearing everytime you attack (Kull).

Battle of the Dark Legion[]

December 22, 2009 by Vulcan

Battle of the Dark Legion!
The Dark Legion of orcs is marching across the plains and approaching your castle! Call To Arms and gather your army to fend off the orcs. Survive the attack and destroy the invaders to achieve victory. As more people join the battle, there will be more individuals to help you defend the castle!

Limited Time Gift
To thank all the Castle Age players and to celebrate the holiday season, we have released a limited time gift! Gather all the necessary ingredients and head to the Alchemy Page to get Angelica to join your ranks! Angelica will only be available through the new year so ensure you gather all the necessary ingredients before she is no longer available.

Easier General Selection
You can now directly buy and select the hero as your general from the Quest Page. Simply click on the portrait of the hero and a menu will pop-up to allow you buy and select the hero.

Random Information[]

  • Star Metal finally has a use
  • 2 new Generals
  • 5 new alchemy recipes
  • New Monster: The Battle of the Dark Legion
    • Monster has the following Features:
      • Siege Weapons
      • Fortify Castle Defenses (Similar to fortifying a ship with serpents)
      • Level Brackets (similar to Hydras). You can have 40 people in the level 90+ range, 30 in the 60-90 range, 30 in the 30-60 range, and 30 in the 1-30 range, for a grand total of 130 max attackers.
      • You don't need to be a person's friend to attack the monster.
      • Time before it flees: 168 hours
      • It's an "Epic World" monster (like Hydras)
      • You don't do damage, but you instead slay a certain number of Orcs when you attack
  • 1 "Limited Time Only" Alchemy recipe; Only available till new year
  • New "Mystery Limited Item!" gifts to send; Only available till new year
    • Mystery Scroll gifts (temporarily?) removed
  • The number of gifts that you can send per day has been reduced to 30.
  • Dragon summoning no longer requires a Dragon Charm. The new recipe only requires one of each color dragon egg.

Addendum (12/26/09)[]

  • Tweaks to Battle of the Dark Legion
    • Can now ONLY do Power attacks
    • Fortifying now yields slightly more health than before