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While it was unannounced, a few notable changes happened on this day.


  • You are no longer able to create Angelica, the Angel Knight
  • The Mystery Limited Item, has been renamed to the Mystery Item
  • Tridents shards are no longer available to be given out as gifts
  • Tridents are no longer required to summon Sea Serpents
  • A new gift was introduced, the Mystery Druid Item
  • The Mystery Druid Item contains alchemy components, used to make the Whisper Bow

Reintroduction of the Training Grounds

What it Used to Be

  • There used to be something called the "Training Grounds" in Castle Age, way back before gifts were useful and Monsters and Alchemy became part of the game. It was an element used to get more users to play Castle Age. By "Training" 10 friends who did not already play Castle Age, you would earn a Favor Point (only once per day).

The New Training Grounds

  • The Training Grounds are now back, but their function is different. You may Duel and Invade Celesta. She starts off at Level 1, has an army of 3, but has no Soldiers, Equipment, or Magic, and her only Hero is herself. After Dueling her a few times, you will earn +1 attack (Invading gives you +1 Defense). Invading Celesta gives you +1 Defense. For more information on this, please see the Training Grounds page.