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Mephistopheles! Excalibur![]

January 18, 2010 by Vulcan

Mephistopheles has breached the demon realm and entered Valeria! Gather your friends to battle the nefarious demon king and send him back to the demon realm!

Gather the summoning orb by completing "A Look Into the Darkness" in the Land of Water and summon Mephistopheles from the Alchemy Page.

Defeat Mephistopheles and summon the mighty Excalibur as well!

Note: The Amulet of Cefka will be consumed by the Excalibur recipe but you will be able to receive another one from the "A Look Into the Darkness" quest. The Holy Avenger will be consumed as well but you will not be able to receive another one from the quest.

Random Information[]

  • There are no new achievements
  • Star Metal and Star Crystals now have a use. They are used in the new "Create Excalibur" alchemy recipe.
  • The Amulet of Cefka has an improved drop rate. It used to drop only 20% of the time you did the quest. It now has a 40% chance drop.
  • Mephistopheles is summoned by a summoning orb like the other Epic Bosses. It drops from the "A Look into the Darkness" quest, and has a 40% chance of dropping.
  • There is a new Monthly Special available that came with this update. The new general is Gorlak, presumably the former owner of Gorlak's Axe before Dexter took it from him.
  • Cronus only requires a Serpentine Shield and a Red Dragon Egg to summon him. He used to require the Serpentine Shield and 1 of each color Dragon Egg to summon him.
  • The alchemy page has been changed slightly. Before, when you first clicked on the "Alchemy" tab, it took you to "Recipes", now it takes you to "Summons".
  • New gift: Mystery Frost Item (used in Frost Tear Dagger alchemy recipe). Now 8 gifts are available.
  • You can send only 24 gifts/invites per day (reduced from 30).