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Deathrune Raid![]

January 29, 2010 by Vulcan

Raids are here! Raids are multi-part battles that you can fight in with your friends. Start your raid from the Raid page.

The Raid party must defeat all enemies or complete all objectives at a checkpoint before advancing to the next checkpoint. When all checkpoints have been completed, you will be victorious!

In addition to epic weapons and items, you will also be awarded "Battle Hearts". These Battle Hearts can be traded in from the Alchemy Page in exchange for powerful weapons and magics!

Random Information[]

  • There are no new achievements
  • Monsters have been added to the main menu between Battle and Heroes
  • The new Raid tab has been added under Battle
  • New Gift: Mystery Relic. There are now 10 gifts available
  • New Recipe: Drake Helm
  • There are now two gifts called the "Mystery Relic". One that gives you pieces of the Serpentine Shield, and one that gives you pieces of the Drake Helm. You must look at the picture to tell which gift you are sending.
  • Change in Invading mechanics: each soldier is now equipped with 1 weapon and 1 equipment, instead of just 1 items as before.
  • The bug about Monster Achievements rewards not being listed is almost fixed. Now, the reward is not listed for just the Gildamesh, and Sylvanas Hunter achievements (but you will still earn the rewards listed on the wiki's Monster Achievements page).
  • The Deathrune Siege has a bug. Occasionally when the fight list refreshes, there are no people listed, just blank slots. The only way to fix this is to exit to the Raid tab and re-engage.
  • The Oracle Screen has been overhauled with new graphics on offers.
  • Within a day of this update happening, Raids were removed from the game. Raids were causing excessive lag and various bugs for Castle Age, and will be reinstated once they deal with these issues.
  • There has been a small change added to every Loot page. Now, if a monster drops an Alchemical component, you now have the option to perform the alchemy on that monster's Loot page. Specifically you can:
    • Make the Helm of Dragon Power from the Dragon Loot pages (but not Keira's, Cronus' or the Battle of the Dark Legion's)
    • Make a Map of Atlantis from the Sea Serpent Loot pages
    • Make an Atlantean Forcefield from the Sea Serpent Loot pages
    • Make a Spartan Phalanx from the Sea Serpent Loot pages
    • Make Cronus, the World Hydra (soldier) from the Cronus Loot page
    • Make Leon Ironhart from the Battle of Dark Legion Loot page
    • Make Judgement from the Battle of Dark Legion Loot page
    • Make Holy Plate from the Battle of Dark Legion Loot page
    • Make Avenger from the Battle of Dark Legion Loot page
    • Make Keira, the Dread Knight (hero) from Keira's Loot page
    • Strangely, you can't make the Excalibur from any page