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Raids Updated! Battle Rank![]

After revisiting the rewards and mechanics of raids, we have decided to make some changes to add some balance to the feature.

Battle Rank Point rewards for successful kills in raids have been reduced and are now a chance drop. There will also be a chance to reward Battle Hearts per kill. However, the chance to receive Battle Hearts are dependent on the Battle Rank level of the individual you attack. The higher the Battle Rank of the individual you attack, the better chance you will have to receive Battle Hearts.

Additionally, the adversaries you attack now have a chance to attack you first, forcing you to defend. Some of the adversaries will also come to aid of their comrades, forcing you to fight them instead.

We hope the changes to raid will bring balance to the feature and make the raids a fun and challenging experience for all players!

The Monarch Tier Battle Rank has also been introduced!

MONARCH TIER Rank 19 - Prince Rank 20 - King Rank 21 - High King

Random Information[]

  • There are no new achievements
  • New Oracle items and general available