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Change to Income

After evaluating the game economy, we felt the need to re-balance how money is accumulated through properties, questing, battles, and monster battles. There will now be a maximum amount of money received from properties based on your current level.

We plan to release new soldier units, items, and properties in the near future. However, to do this, we needed to address the current game economy so that the new content would not be overpowered and throw off game balance.

We know that there will be strong opinions about this change and we hope you understand that our intention is to improve the game for the long run. We thank you for your continued support of Castle Age!

Property sell prices

To address the individuals who feel that it might be unfair that their resources were spent buying properties at the cost of forgoing the purchase of soldiers and items, properties that are in excess of your Max Allowed, can be sold for full price.

Once you are under the Max Allowed amount of properties, properties will be sold at their normal half price.

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