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Straight from Castle Age[]

New Land![]

New land available to buy at Level 50 and Level 80! Purchase the new land from the Land Page!

Elven Sanctum - Purchase the property and when you collect your income, you will have a chance to receive a stamina potion once per day. Come back each consecutive day to collect to increase your chance of collecting a stamina potion.

Dwarven Mine - Purchase the property and each time you come to collect your income, you will have a chance to receive a mystery prize.

Random Information[]

  • There are no new achievements
  • If you go to your "Generals" page (by clicking on your active general's picture in the Castle Age Banner), there is a small "?" box that was not there before. The following text in this box is worth noting:
Item Bonuses
  • Items sometimes give bonuses to specific heroes. These item bonuses can be seen when you select the hero as your general. You can also go to the Blacksmith Page to see if your items provide a bonus to a specific hero.
  • It is suspected that this means that any equipment that can be bought from the Oracle gives bonuses to the Hero that can be bought at the same time as the new equipment. If you have any Limited Time Oracle Heroes, and have the associated equipment listed on that page, please help us identify all the item bonuses on each Hero page and on the Blacksmith page.
  • The ability to send Peace Offerings appears to have been disabled.
  • There is new art for Energy potions, and a new type of potion called Stamina potions, which you can receive as a chance drop once per day if you own Elven Sanctums.