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Straight from Castle Age[]

New Demi Rewards![]

Additional Demi Rewards have been added for each Demi God. Come back each day to the Demi Power page to get your blessing to increase your might and work your way up to new rewards! Stay tuned as there will be more to come!

*Note: If your current amount of Demi Points exceeds some of the reward levels, do one more blessing or receive some Demi Points from battle/monsters and you will be rewarded all applicable rewards for that specific Demi God.

Random Information[]

  • There are no new achievements with this update.
  • Demi Rewards have gone up from 4500 to 5900. New milestones are: 4850, 5100, 5500 and 5900 points.
  • There are no new Demi-Quests.
  • The 5900 demi-point rewards are not the best items in the game. The 4500 demi-point rewards are still better... except for the Blessing of Nature (5900 points Aurora reward) which is slightly better than the Atlantean Forcefield when defending.
  • Artwork for the previous demi rewards have been updated, as have the art for the Demi-Powers Ambrosia and Azeron.
  • Mystery Earth gift has been added.
  • A new Alchemy Recipe has also been added, requiring the new Mystery Earth gift.
  • Now there is a chance for a random encounter each time a quest is performed. Random encounters give rewards such as: free units joining the army after battle (Known new units are Earth Bandit (4/3), Water Demon, Shadow Warrior (7/6)) or additional quest completions (as if the quest had been completed one additional time). If any other effects have been spotted, please mention them. It is not known at this time if both main quests and subquests produce random encounters, or only the main quests. It is also not known if Demi-Quests produce Random Encounters.