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Straight From Castle Age[]

Genesis, the Earth Elemental![]

Genesis, the Earth Elemental is attacking the Plateau City of Illvasa! Rally your army with a Call To Arms to help take down the elemental before he destroys the city!

Summon Genesis from the Alchemy Page!

Random Information[]

  • New Oracle hero: Lailah
  • Earth Orbs are now Alchemy items.
  • A new monster, Genesis, the Earth Elemental, has been added. It is an Epic World Monster, with both a life bar and a defense bar (like the Battle of the Dark Legion). It requires 2 Earth Orbs to summon.
  • The strongest weapon is now Genesis Sword, an epic chance dropped by Genesis
  • There are a total of five siege weapons: Valerian Soldiers (-6,600,000 dmg), Elven Rangers (-8,250,000 dmg), Valerian Knights (-9,900,000 dmg), Order of Mages (-13,200,000 dmg) and Silverlight Angels (-16,500,000 dmg). You can only use Power Attacks against it (like the Battle of the Dark Legion again)
  • There are certain generals that receive bonuses if you own certain pieces of equipment or magic. Before this update, the only person who received bonuses was Slayer. As of this update, Terra, Lailah, Gorlak, Dexter, Lyra, Aria, and possibly other Monthly Special Oracle Heroes also receive bonuses from related pieces of Equipment or Magic.
    • Gorlak does not receive a bonus from Gorlak's Axe.
    • Terra receives bonuses from items dropped by Genesis.