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Festival Timers and Daylight Savings

February 26, 2011 by Vulcan

Hello Everyone

As everyone may know, some countries went into Daylight Savings Time on Sunday morning.

Our servers also went into Daylight Savings Time, and some festival battles were affected and created at incorrect times. Because a large portion of the Castle Age user base is global, and because a large portion of the world does not go into Daylight Savings Time, our servers have been reverted (corrected) to generate battles as they would have pre-daylight savings.

For guilds with timezones unaffected by daylight savings, battles will be generated at the same time of day as they were being generated before.

For guilds with timezones affected by daylight savings, battles will also be generated the same time as before in their respective "standard time" equivalents. To avoid confusion, your guild will have the opportunity to change your timezone from the standard time zone to the corresponding daylight savings time zone with no penalty this week. (e.g. If your guild is configured for Pacific Standard Time, you will have the chance to change it to Pacific Daylight Time)

A cause for confusion currently is that a lot of guilds are still configured for PST, CST, EST, etc., and those guilds are expecting their guild start times to run based on PDT, CST, EDT.

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