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Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon![]

Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon has broken free from the Underworld and entered into the world of Valeria! Perform a Call to Arms to gather you army and take on the epic dragon!

We have introduced the Class system so everyone can choose to be a Warrior, a Rogue, a Mage, or a Cleric to gain access to unique abilities and roles during the battle. Additional class skills and abilities will be opened up in the future!

Send Volcanic Egg Gifts to summon Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon!

Random Information[]

  • New Monster: Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon
  • New Gift: Volcanic Egg
  • New Alchemy Summon: Bahamut. Requires one of each Volcanic Egg to summon
  • New Alchemy Recipes:
    • Shield of Dante - Off-hand - 4 Attack/7 Defense - Bonus: +3 Defense when Dante is equipped. Requires 4 Volanic eggs and Dante's Shard. Dante's Shard is part of the Volcanic Egg gift set
    • Volcanic Knight. Requires the Volcanic Armor set which is dropped by the Monster Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon.
    • Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon. Requires one of each Volcanic Precious Gem (Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, and Emerald) (note, these are not the eggs that can be received as gifts, they are dropped from the Bahamut Monster.
  • The class system is part of the new Bahamut battle. The decision is not permanent, and only affects the individual Bahamut battles. You may change your class when you fight a different Bahamut, and has no impact on the rest of the game.