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April 22, 2011 by Vulcan

Giants are attacking! Can you stop these mighty elemental titans?


Random Information[]

New Gift!

  • Exchange mystery symbol gifts with your friends to receive symbol that will summon the giants.

4 New Monsters: Giants!

  • The giants have varying difficulties, from "easy enough" to "monstrous energy and stamina suckers"!

New loot!

  • With new monsters, come new loot. Fight these humongous critters and obtain new shinies!

8 New Alchemy Recipes!

  • Use the shiny ingredients looted from the giants to create powerful, and some not-so powerful, new shinies!

New BIS Divine Items!

  • Among these recipes are gear with stats so great, it'll replace your old best ones.
    • Lava Inferno: Magic, 35/19, 40 Divine Power (New Best Overall Magic in the game)
    • Glacial Plate: Armor, 33/33, 40 Divine Power (New Best Offensive Armor in the game)


  • It is not unlikely that the Four Giants are based off the Four Titans from Diney's Hercules.

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