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Ascension Chests![]

May 2, 2011 by Vulcan

New and powerful heroes, items, and powers in the Ascension Chests!

Hero jahanna Hero aurelius Hero agamemnon

Random Information[]

Divine Epics!

  • Epic generals not only have great stats but also have divine power with them!
    • Aurelius: 20 Divine Power, 30/34 @ level 4, +1.1 Defense per 3 Health (barely beats Corvintheus' ability)
    • Jahanna: 20 Divine Power, 32/32 @ level 4, +1.1 Attack per 4 Health (barely beats Aurora's ability)
    • Alyzia: 5 Divine Power, 31/29 @ level 4, +2 Defense per Guardian of Alyzia (Max 50 Defense) (similar to Draconius' ability)
    • Agamemnon: 20 Divine Power, 35/28 @ level 4, +30 Player Attack vs. Monsters and +3% Critical Rate (Therian +5 with Slayer ability)

Powerful Non-Epics!

  • If you are unlucky enough to land an epic, there are very sexy compensation in the form of an uncommon and common female generals!
    • Evalice: Uncommon, 23/22 @ level 4, Transfer 30% Defense to Attack (beats Xira's ability)
    • Misa: Common, 19/19 @ level 4, Recover 30 Energy up to your max every 23 hours (Energy counterpart of Zin)

More Consolation: Alchemy Generals!

  • If you are still unlucky enough to land the 6 generals directly presented, there are 2 more who can be created from specific equipment found in this set.
    • Zeventis: 25/27 @ level 4, +1 Attack for every 10 Obsidian Swords (Max 50 Attack) (good luck buying 500 Obsidian Swords!!!)
    • Bjorin: 27/25 @ level 4, +2 Attack for every Valdonian Mystic Mages (Max 50 Attack) (similar to Kull's ability)

New Class Power Alchemies!

  • There are 4 0/0 Magic in these chests that are useless until you have enough to create level 4 Class Powers. You will also need level 3 Class Power of that type though, which can only be obtained via alchemy if you are lucky enough to get level 1 and level 2 of that Class Power from the Annihilator Chest.

Soldier support

  • The 2 soldiers in this set have decent stats and are needed to boost the ability of Alyzia and Bjornin. Much like Kull and Draconus, good luck getting 25 of them!
    • Guardian of Alyzia: 50/60, increases Alyzia's ability by +2 per 1 owned
    • Valdonian Mystic Mage: 45/33, increases Bjorin's ability by +2 per 1 owned

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