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Goblin Emporium![]

May 11, 2010 by Vulcan

Have some extra alchemy items lying around? Not sure what to do with those extra gifts? Bring them to Kobo the Goblin at the Goblin Emporium! Trade 10 ingredients for a chance for Kobo to produce Epic and even Legendary items!

Random Information[]

  • New Recipe: Serene (Serene's Arrow x1)
  • New Hero: Serene
  • You can reach the Goblin Emporium by going to the Keep tab, then clicking Alchemy
  • Or you can get there with the following link:
  • The items that you can win are completed alchemical items, or items dropped by monsters.
  • You can't trade in alchemical ingredients which are also items of other sorts (Earth Shards, Spartan Warriors, Summoning Orbs, etc.). You also can't trade in Battle Hearts.
  • Other items of interest:
    • Celesta's devotion. 22 Attack, 44 Defense. +3% chance for critical hits when Celesta is equipped. Weapon.
    • Serene's Arrow can be gotten from the Emporium.
    • Death Shield can be gotten from the Emporium
    • The Death Touch Gauntlet can be gotten from the Emporium
    • Helm of Dragon Power can be obtained from the Emporium
  • Go here for full list of currently known items that you can get from Goblin Emporium.