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May 17, 2011

It has been months since your battle with Aurora. The dark power continues to grow within you. You are confronted by a familiar figure and unlikely ally!


Random Information[]

New Quest Area: Fire II!
After Mist III, Fire II opens up. Complete 10 quests by allying with Sylvana and stocking Platinum Knights and Obsidian Gear along the way to confront Celesta and A Mighty Figure!

New Monster: Ambrosia!
No little minions for tune up this time, Ambrosia can't wait and confronts you straight away personally. Fight this mega-monster of a demi-goddess who packs 640M health and a 45% block-220 divine armor. Use your Dark Rage to bring her down to size and get some of her arcane loot!

New Divine Item Alchemy: Helm of Arcane Energies!
Beat Ambrosia enough to collect Arcane Energies and Crystallized Arcanes to create the most powerful equipment to date! At 48/53 with 120 Divine Power, this helmet laughs at your pitiful struggles in the previous Arenas.

Other Updates[]

New Festival Option: Kobo's Game Emporium
Play Kobo's game at the Festival and be rewarded with a new general!

New Monthly General: Meekah
Warriors have waited long but it's worth it. The highly awaited piece of the Warrior set-up to complete their turn from the most laughed at class to the most effective damage dealers in Guild Battles! Think twice about underestimating warriors nowadays.

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