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June 4, 2010 by Vulcan

Strategically set your War Council and engage other players through War. The goal of war is to defeat your adversary on each positions. Each of the positions is assigned a specific value. The player with the higher score value will be considered the victor of the war!

For more information, please visit the War Rank page.

Note: Currently the War feature is locked to levels 150 and above in the interests of server load. If it seems like the servers can handle the load, we will slowly drop the level requirement over time.

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Random Information[]

  • The appearance of the Battle page has changed for level 150 and above players and a War Rank tab was added. Arena tab was removed to make room (but it is still accessible at
    • For each nemesis in the battle list, their battle rank and war rank are now shown with those ranks' level on the respective rank scale. Players who can't participate in War can't see others' war rank.
    • A new button is added beside old Invade and Duel buttons, labeled "Duel (10 stamina)". This button is for fighting in war. Players who can't participate in War don't have this button.
    • I struck the level 150 setting, as it has now been opened up for some under level 128 at alt account is a level 128 and he has ability to wage war.
  • The Stats tab of your Keep page now shows War rank together with Battle rank.