Straight From Castle Age

War of the Red Plains

June 22, 2010 by Vulcan

War has broken out between Valeria and Zenarea at the Red Plains! Guide your army to battle and defeat your enemy using Tactics! This strategic element will allow you deal more damage. However, be careful as the enemy forces are strong and able to defeat you as well!

Engage in the battle by creating a Zenarean Crest through Alchemy!

Random Information

  • New Monster summon: War of the Red Plains, a World monster
  • New gift Mystery Crest Piece.
    • Maximum number of types of gifts to send increased from 18 to 19.
  • New Alchemy Recipe Zenarean Crest, which combined from Mystery Crest Pieces, and is used to summon War of the Red Plains.
  • The gifts from Mystery Heirloom Pieces are still available, but have moved to the bottom of the Send Gifts list.
  • New Alchemy Recipes: Hyperion and The Soul Crusher.
    • Hyperion is a new General.
    • The Soul Crusher is a pair of gloves. 16 Attack, 16 Defense (Death Touch Gauntlet only has 12/12, meaning that the Soul Crusher is the best new pair of gloves in the game. Don't worry about your DTG going to waste, they're required to use alchemy to get the Soul Crusher...)
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