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June 23, 2011 by Vulcan

New hero released! The mystical mage on the run, Alexandria!

Alexandria Staff of Veils Souls Embrace

Random Information[]

  • Must be at least level 300 to be able to see Alexandria.
  • Alexandria's ability is a weaker version of Zurran's
  • She is the first general to be considered as an item bonus, supporting the superior mage guild general Zurran. This makes Zurran the first general to have a general as an item bonus. With both generals, players can deal 20 mage splash damage to the enemy gate upon victory when Zurran is equipped.
    • This makes Alexandria warrant a consideration among those playing mages in guild battles who already have Zurran.

Other Updates[]

Festival duelchamp enter

  • Duel Champion also released a couple of days prior. Get ready to chain and be chained back by everyone including your army and guild members as only the strong and ruthless can become Duel Champions!
    • Master Rank Reward: Kraxus!
    • Eradicator Rank Reward: Eradicator Hammer! (40/30, new BIS attack weapon!)
    • Slayer Rank Reward: Slayer Helm! (38/32, top 3-4 helmet!)
    • Guardian Rank Reward: Guardian Amulet! (32/28, top 4-5 amulet!)
    • Fighter Rank Reward: Fighter Glaive! (12/11, top 6-7 glove!)
    • Savage Rank Reward: Savage Smash! (16/16 magic!)
  • Battle Feed now updated to distinguish Normal Battle attacks to Duel Champion attacks. Duel Champion attacks now lists Champion points.

Cta btn new
Cta btn focus

  • Focused Call to Arms makes it's return.
    • Instead of calling a regular CTA and post it on your wall, making it visible to the News Feed of your friends, you can make a CTA to only a select few in case you want to control the monster battle (non-speed kill, speed kill, invitation only, gold medal run etc.). Focus CTA sends a request to your selected friends in a form similar to gifting. If the recipient accepts, there will be another confirmation screen before being led to the actual monster page. Clicking "Join" in this confirmation screen will take the recipient to the monster page as well as aid to the launch of the current siege weapon, if there is any and if the recipient has at least 1 stamina available.
  • Focused Call to Arms is not available on Festival Monsters.

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