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July 5, 2010 by Vulcan

In need of powerful allies to help you defeat monsters and take on your adversaries in battle and war? Call in the REINFORCEMENTS! New items and a new hero to help you take on the trials of Castle Age!

Random Information[]

  • Reinforcements introduced as a tab under Oracle.
    • The number of allies you need to join your army is set, claiming a reward will not increase the cost of additional rewards. There are 8 rewards, 7 items and 1 hero, each costing new allies or from 20 to 30 favor points (the first 4 cost 20 FPs, the next 3 cost 25 FPs, and the hero costs 30 FPs). For example, if you have 300 members of your army, you need 302 to claim item 1, 304 to claim item 2... 320 to claim the hero.
    • Now there are more rewards available for players who have received Darius previously. These are:
      • Crusader Dagger (Weapon [6/2])
      • Crusader Amulet (Amulet [4/9])
      • Crusader Gauntlet (Glove [5/11])
      • Crusader Shield (Shield [9/8])
      • Crusader Helm (Helmet [8/8])
      • Crusader Armour (Armour[8/9])
      • Crusader Blade (Weapon[10/10)
      • Solar Desolation (Spell[13/13])
  • Various treasure chests now appear after clicking the Chest tab under Oracle.
  • You must be a level 30 to get the Crusader Reinforcements