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Mephistopheles is BACK![]

July 15, 2010 by Vulcan

The great demon lord, Mephistopheles, is BACK! After the long journey towards the Ivory Palace, the moment has come for you to confront the demon lord. A lot of suffering and despair has come from his reign of terror.

Will you be able to stop him once and for all?

Alpha Mephistopheles Boss

Random Information[]

  • The Ivory City now has a boss: Alpha Mephistopheles
  • New Alchemy Recipe: Soulforge
    • Requires the Excalibur, an epic loot drop from Alpha Mephistopheles, and a legendary loot drop from Alpha Mephistopheles
    • (The Excalibur is also an alchemical recipe, making the Soulforge the first alchemy recipe that depends on another alchemy recipe)
  • Mephistopheles is tough. A rough estimate says he has about or more than 600 million health.
  • The level groups are:
    • Level 1-49 (30 people)
    • Level 50-99 (30 people)
    • Level 100-149 (30 people)
    • Level 150+ (45 people)
  • New Classes were released: Ranger and Warlock
    • To unlock the Ranger class, you need to be a level 3 Warrior, and a level 3 Rogue
    • To unlock the Warlock class, you need to be a level 3 Mage, and a level 3 Cleric
    • There are still some bugs in the system regarding these new classes. Right now they appear to only be available for the Alpha Mephistopheles fight, and is not unlocked for certain people who meet the requirements to be those classes.

Siege Weapons and damage delivered:

Valerian Soldiers 19,050,000
Elven Rangers 22,860,000
Dwarven Militia 26,670,000
Archer Allies 30,480,000
Gray Wizards 34,290,000
Elven Allies 38,100,000
Knight Allies 45,720,000
Paladin Allies 49,530,000
Silverlight Angels 53,340,000
Hero Allies 60,960,000
Total: 381,000,000