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Arena Sign-ups![]

July 26, 2011 by Vulcan

Arena Sign-up start today! Arena will begin this Thursday, July 28th!

Please note there are some changes to the Arena format! Limit to one recharge per battle. Arena Potions that drop from monsters for free recharges. Limit of 5 battles per calendar day. Read the Arena help for more details.


Random Information[]

  • Must be at least level 50 to participate in the Arena.
  • Arena Season 4: Wrath will use Arena Season 3: Annihilator's format with some major changes.
    • Limit 5 battles per calendar day. It won't be as intensive as Season 3 but with so few point getting opportunities, participants will want to have their 5 battles ending in victory as much as possible for maximum Arena Point potential.
    • Limit 1 recharge per battle. Refill suiciders in Season 3 can't buy their way to the top now. However, high levels (who mostly get 160 points per token victory) has their work cut out for them with this change.
    • Arena Potion drop from monsters = Free recharges. Participants can get free refills by consuming Arena potions drop from monsters.
  • Beware of Mages!
    • Expect to see a lot of polymorph and confusion this season!
  • New Shinies!
    • Rank 7 prize: Typhonus the Chimera! 125/125, New BIS soldier!
    • Rank 6 prize: Vanguards Power Glaive! 22/18, New BIS glove! (devs really like to name their gloves as a weapon...)
    • Rank 5 prize: Hero's Greatsword! 28/47, New BIS Defense weapon!
    • Rank 4 prize: Gladiator's Crown! 32/36, Top 5 Helmet!
    • Rank 3 prize: Warrior's Battleplate! 24/22, Top 8/9 Armor!
  • Banthus?
    • Most of Season 4's (and Season 3's Vanguard Doomhelm) shinies seems to be Banthus Archfiend's equipment but no Item Bonus is added to his repertoire currently.

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