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Excavation Quests![]

August 2, 2011 by Vulcan

A Cave of Wonder has been unlocked in the Demon Realm! Discover powerful items that will increase your might!

Temporal Rune of Embers Meteor Storm Molten Core

Random Information[]

  • New Quest: Cave of Wonder!
    • Journey into this cave and excavate runes that will allow you to create shinies!
    • Maxes at level 8. The higher the level, the greater the chance to get more and better runes.
  • New Alchemy Shinies!
    • Use the runes you found in your alchemy lab and create some new shinies!
    • New Magic Item: Meteor Storm (30/25) from 3 Temporal Rune of Embers (the rarest runes in the cave!)
    • New BIS Divine Item: Molten Core (38/25, 70 Divine Power). Combine the two powerful magic items Lava Inferno and Meteor Storm with the cave runes to create the strongest spell in the game!
  • It will take 15,000 energy to max the quest to level 8. Whether it is possible to reach that level within the time limit regardless of Max Energy value a player has depends on their FP usage and/or leveling rate.

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