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Pangaea! Malekus![]

August 3, 2011 by Vulcan

You wake in a mysterious land. Your final battle with Malekus awaits!

Boss malekus large

Random Information[]

  • New Quest Area: Pangaea!
    • Ambrosia sends you to Earth before the continents separated, where Malekus awaits!
    • Burn energy to obtain skill points on your way to the Special Mission to obtain Malekus' orb!
  • New Monster: Malekus!
    • Duke it out with the war-freak demi god of attack and conquer his shinies!
    • 7 new loot, some of which have stats rivaling that of mid-rewards from Duel Champion and Arena Season 4!
  • New Alchemy Divine Item: Keeper of Chaos!
    • New BIS Attack Divine Amulet: Keeper of Chaos (50/35, 180 Divine Power). Combine 24 Malekus shinies to get your new powerful ammy!

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