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August 4, 2010 by Vulcan

New hero released for levels 120 and above! The Silverlight heiress, Solara!

Solara Solstice Blade Silverlight Seal

Solara is broken. I can confirm with screenshots. If you have her and have her leveled up to a level 4, she will take 20% of your max Energy, but she will not give you that number. Example, 20% of 175 Energy = 35. Deduct that from the max energy, and you get 140. If you have 100 Stamina, then you should get a 35 point boost to stamina...nope. You don't even get a 20 point boost. So far, I have seen it give a 18 point boost to stamina. 2 energy sp = 1 stamina, lucky to be getting 18 stamina.

August 19, 2010 by Kevin

Solora is fine. The reason is one stamina costs 2 skill points. So in your case, 20% of max energy gives you 35 points, which converts to 18 stamina (17.5 rounded up). I also have her, my energy is 270 and when I use her, I get 27 stamina added to max (20% of 270 = 54). In other words, you decrease energy by 20% to get 10% increase in stamina.

If Solara is not your equipped hero:

With Solara equipped:

Chance for Additional Arena Tokens![]

August 4, 2010 by Vulcan

Tokens are now being rewarded on chance per attack on monster battles! Battle Bahamut, Alpha Bahamut, Azriel, War of the Red Plains, and Alpha Mephistopheles for a chance to receive additional tokens for Arena!

Random Information[]

  • Tokens will drop based on your stamina usage.
    • A 20-stamina attack will have a chance to drop 20 Tokens. Likewise, a Level 4 Barbarus boosted 20-stamina attack has a chance to drop 60 tokens.
  • You can get a 250 Token drop using a 50-stamina attack with the Orc King but you can only get up to 190 of them, assuming you have 0 tokens and full Reinforcements.