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Tower of Transcendence II![]

August 23, 2011 by Vulcan

Another epic Tower of Transcendence is here! Ascend the tower now!


Random Information[]

New Festival Tower!

  • The second festival PITA tower appears. Fight your way up against tougher monsters this time around to be eligible to face a new tower guardian!

New Monster: Alexandra, the Unbreakable!

  • If you thought the Greek Agamemnon was tough, try your hand against the Roman Alexandra! Packing 290 divine armor, she is the toughest monster in Castle Age to date! She is not called unbreakable for nothing!

New Alchemy Divine Item: Warrior Unbound!

  • Break the Unbreakable several times, summoning your own at least 3 times, to be qualified to create Warrior Unbound!
  • New BIS off-hand: 52 attack/48 defense and 180 divine power.

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