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Thanatos of Fire and Ice![]

August 31, 2011 by Vulcan

A creature from another plane has crossed in Valeria. The mighty Thanatos!


Random Information[]

Cross-Platform Battle!

  • The first coop battle of Phoenix Age. Players of Castle Age and Castle Age: Heart of Darkness band together to slay a dual-elemental, dimension invading monster!
    • It does not really require the help of players from the other game to defeat the beast. However, there is a damage penalty if one side tries to kill the other side's target once they are done with theirs. That said, due to the health of Castle Age's side, it is recommended for Heart of Darkness players to ensure that their Castle Age counterparts are active and organized to secure a kill.

New Alchemy: Flamewalker Greaves

  • If Castle Age players have a Heart of Darkness character, they are eligible to create a new equipment from this monster's loot. Combine heavy equipment with a HoD-exclusive drop to create this new item to fill the...

New Equipment Slot: Boot!

  • Castle Age warriors will no longer have to fight barefooted.
    • Flamewalker Greaves (5 attack, 5 defense) is currently the only boot available in Castle Age.

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