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Gehenna, the Fire Elemental![]

September 7, 2010 by

The fight with Mephistopheles has ended but Valeria is still in a state of strife. Just when you were hoping things would return to normal, a disaster strikes! Defeat Gehenna, the Fire Elemental, before it is too late! Summon the monster through Gifts!

We have also introduced new Monster Achievements for Gehenna and have started ranking guilds based on Monster Battles!

Coming soon we should have something up for guild battles so stay tuned.

Gehenna The Fire Elemental Boss

Random Information[]

  • New Alchemy: Lava Orb and Crown of Flames
    • Lava Orb [3 attack, 4 defense] - ingredient to summon Gehenna
    • Crown of Flames [33 attack, 32 defense]
  • New feature: RAGE METER
    • As you hit the monster continuously, the Rage Meter fills.
    • Once it reaches 100%, you get a bonus 5% damage for each attack you do.
    • This bonus does fade if you leave the monster alone for 1 hour and you will need to refill the Rage Meter.
      • Please do not neglect the party health in order to fill your rage meter.
    • It takes a while for the meter to empty - it will not empty if you hit with energy once, twice, or even five times.
  • Item Bonuses for generals
    • Bonecrusher: +2 attack to Sano
    • Lava Plate: +2 defense to Sano
    • Galvanized Helm: +2 defense to Garlan
    • Gauntlet of Fire: +2 stamina when Dante is equipped
  • New Achievement
    • Slay Gehenna 5 times with a minimum of 1,000,000 damage+def to receive 5 Favor Points
      • It is not recommended to stop at that output though. Do 6,000,000 or more so as to be not a burden to your team.
  • Guild Achievements: Monsters
    • Receive Points for your Guild whenever you take down a monster.
    • The amount of points you receive depends on your activity against monster you took down.
    • You can see how your Guild ranks against others by going to your Guild page.

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