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September 14, 2011 by Vulcan

New Atlantis Quests Unlocked!


Random Information[]

New Quest Area: Atlantis II!

  • Atlantis II opens after you complete all 5 quests in Altantis.
  • Atlantis II is a HUGE excavation quest area. All quest are excavation quest types, meaning:
    • No SP, will collect loot instead.
    • Time-based, will reset after collection or after time expires.
    • No subquests.

New Monsters: Kraken and Alpha Kraken!

  • Release the Kraken! These tentacle beasts guard the way to Atlantis treasures! Note that like the guild monster Vincent, the alpha version is tougher with more health and a divine armor equal to that of Malekus!
  • Obtain enough of their relics to gain passage in order to continue to excavation in Atlantis II!

New Alchemy Divine Items: Krakenhide Armor and Helm of the Deep!

  • Don't be fooled! The ingredients required to make these items DO NOT drop from the Krakens. Instead, they are excavated in Atlantis II's 5th quest: Underwater. Several Relic of the Krakens are required for access though so you'll still have to suffer beating up these tentacle monstrosities.
  • Krakenhide Armor: 30 attack/35 defense, 40 divine power.
    • So-so but it being your mainstay armor divine item is not it's true purpose. It's real use is to create the second Atlantis divine item...
  • Helm of the Deep: 55 attack/60 defense, 180 divine power.
    • The strongest equipment in the game requires 2 divine items and some other ingredients to create. Will requires tons of energy and stamina to create so get ready for a long and/or expensive (aka FP) grind to get it.

The return of a consumable item!

  • After the devs abolished the Skull Key due to player complains, they brought the concept back to the game with Relic of the Kraken! 3 Relics will be consumed once players start excavation on the 4th quest. After collecting or the timer expires, it will require another 3 for another excavation. That means more Alpha Krakens!

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