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Guild Battles![]

September 23, 2010 by Vulcan

Guild Battles have been released! Now guild can test their strength against other guilds!

Note: To handle the additional duties of Guild Battles, we have increased the limit of Guild Officers from 5 to 20. This should allow more people to accept requests, set battle formations, and initiate Guild Battles.

To ensure we can handle load, we are limiting Guild Battles to 2 Active Offensive Battles and 3 Active Defensive Battles at a time. Once it looks like the servers can hold, we will try to increase the limits

Guild Battle News 1 Guild Battle News 2 Guild Battle News 3

Random Information[]

  • Guild Battle available at the Guild Page
  • Guild Management has new tabs: Guild Class and Guild Shop
    • Guild Class: Select a class to use in Guild Battles
    • Guild Shop: Spend Guild Coins won in Guild Battles to purchase abilities and/or generals

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