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Straight from Castle Age: Heart of Darkness[]

July 7, 2011 Updates![]

July 07, 2011 by Vulcan

Level 4 Quest Completion
After doing each level's special quest, you can now go back and complete previously completed quests for additional skill points!

Battle News
See who attacked you while you were away and get REVENGE on them!

Monster Statistics
You can now see how many times you've killed a monster, the most damage you've done, and the fastest you've taken down a monster. Try to best yourself and your friends!

Random Information[]

  • All quests except for the special missions at the end of the areas can now be leveled up to 5. Gain more skill points by questing in these missions again!
    • Due to a bug that allowed players to gain extra skill points just for transitioning from 100% level 1 to level 2, the quest levels have been bumped up to level 5 to compensate.
    • Players can identify the quest level visually by the color of the flame of the quest.
  • Somebody attacking your and stealing your gold and points? Can't hit them back because there's no keep link? Now there is! Reclaim your honor, lost points and gold to those who dared to challenge you. See if they can take as good as they dish out!
  • Additional monster tracking is in place in the monster page. Players can now see how many of the monsters they have killed. Gold Medal awards for killing a monster within 24 hours was also applied.
    • Some kill statistics prior to the update have been reset due to this change.