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Straight from Castle Age: Heart of Darkness[]

Carmilla! Avatar![]

July 07, 2011 by Vulcan

Carmilla Boss Unlocked!
After completing the Catalyst quest line, you will now be able to face the Carmilla, the Princess of Darkness!


Battle Avatars!
Customize you battle character from the avatar screen!

Random Information[]

  • Tired of beating up weak ol' Acheron? Flex you muscles on the Princess of Darkness, Carmilla! and earn new shinies including a new Guardian!
    • Summon Carmilla yourself and log a good amount of damage for a chance to obtain Virgil, the young hunter who sacrificed himself in the Portside Tavern so that you could get away!
  • You can now change the color pallete of you character's clothes and hair while battling. You can even change genders if you prefer to be a topless hunk or a high-heeled battle lady.