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Straight from Castle Age: Heart of Darkness[]

Special Quest![]

July 21, 2011 by Vulcan

Special quest unlocked in Solace stage after level 20!
Uncover rare items and use them in Alchemy to create powerful items that will help you in your journey!

Rune of Mists Rune of Leaves Rune of Embers

Random Information[]

  • Special Quest!
    • Mine in Solace's Abandoned Mine for a chance to receive runes that can be used in Alchemy.
    • This special quest does not give out skill points and has a 4-day timer before you are kicked back out to the entrance.
  • New Alchemy Recipes!
    • Combine Acheron's Armor of the Undead together some Mist and Leaves Runes along with a 5,600,000 capital to create Armor of the Depths (2/4 Armor).
    • It does not look special but if you use it to combine with Carmilla's Nightstalker Armor along with some Mist, Leaves and Ember Runes and put in a 55,500,000 capital, you can create Armor of the Burning Depths (7/3 Armor), the Best Armor in the Game!